About us

About us


The company Wega-electronics was founded by Sylwester Wysocki in 1991.

In 2008 it was transformed into a general partnership, founded the company partners, constructors traders and dynamically developing company.

Wega-electronics is a manufacturer of packaging machines based on their own projects.

From the beginning, the company manufactured automatic and semi-automatic celofoniarki also called foliarkami kopertującymi.

In 2010, the range of machines has been extended to various types of cartoner.

Since then, the company also offers:

• Complete packaging lines

• Advising on the design of packaging lines

• Packaging machines unusual including robots and manipulators

The company Wega-electronics produced more than 600 packing machines, working in dozens of countries.

The machines are sold mainly in the European Union to Russia and Ukraine, but also to the Middle East to North America and India.


Our goal is to build machines that are characterized by:

• High reliability under 3-shift

• Easy and quick adjustability for different sizes of products

•          High quality

•          High performance

• The use of the latest technologies

In our machines we use only reputable suppliers of components, among others:


Our machines are working in companies such as, among others:

Mokate SA , Colian SA , Pollena Ostrzeszów, ZPC Otmóchów SA , ZWC Milano, Posti SA,  Cederroth POLAND SA (Soraya), OCEANIC Sp. o.o. ,Factory Card Trefl Sp. o.o. , Bella Sp. o.o. , Nicols Poland Sp. o.o.